Welcome to Chan of all Melons!!! Welcome, I'm very greatful you decided to stop by. You may have some questions... Fear not! Teh answers you are looking for are right below...

What's this site?

This is my little corner of the internet that I created just for fun and you're welcomed to stay! decided to use Melon Chan as a mascot, not for any particular reason other than shes a character I like... I guess you could consider this a fansite dedicated to Melon-chan  for now as I'm still uncertain about what to do with this site ...!! Anyways I hope you enjoy your stay  ( ´ ▿ ` )  Feel free to look around and if you get confused go on over to the site guide below... stay safe !!

Who is Melon-Chan?

Simply put, Melon chan is the mascot character of a japanese book store called Melonbooks. They also have other mascot characters aswell such as Lemon-Chan and Black Lemon-Chan.

What am i doing here?!

What are you doing here? Well... I don't think that's a questiong that i can answer  (´ _ `;)  ...

song - 夢はなにいろ

Very helpful site guide

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